The HSE&Q Summer school will start on the 20th July 2015 and finish on the 7th August 2015 following the agenda below. Changes in the program are possible.

1 Introduction to Oil & Gas sector1This module presents a general overview of the Oil & Gas sector: organizational structure, operative cycles and management systems.
2 Training Technical1This module provides the basic technical skills to understand project and process documentations in the field of Oil&Gas sector (Industrial plants formal representation: Flow sheets, P&IDs, Fundamentals principles of Thermodynamics and Material/Energy Balances)
3 Reliability and Maintenance
1This module provides the main elements of quantitative methodology and statistical tools for process control and optimization.
4 Industrial Safety2The objective of the module is to provide the basic skills about hazard identification and quantitative risk assessment methodologies. It introduces the most important techniques, procedures and tools used in the safety and risk analysis of Oil & Gas industrial facilities.
5 Environment2The module is focused on the methodologies for the identification and assessment of environmental risk as well as on models and techniques for managing the environmental aspects of Oil & Gas process industry and its related impacts.
6 Occupational and Operational Safety2This module provides an overview on the basic methodologies of risk assessment and on the basic tools adopted in the Oil&Gas in the framework of occupational/operational safety.
7 HSE integrated Management Systems1This module provides the key points and the historical development of HSE&Q management systems.
Study and Group Work days2Group study and preparation of the project work mentored by OIL&GAS HSE&Q experts
Agenda - DATE 21/07 – 5/08 2015
DATESUBJECTS (shift of the date is possible)
20/07/2015Introduction to Oil & Gas sector
21/07/2015Training Technical
22/07/2015Reliability and Maintenance
23/07/2015Industrial Safety
24/07/2015Industrial Safety
27/07/2015Study day
30/07/2015Occupational and Operational Safety
31/07/2015Occupational and Operational Safety
03/08/2015HSE integrated Management Systems
04/08/2015Exams Summer School

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