Last day!

Summer School  HSE &Q in Oil&Gas sector 2015 ends today!

After the final test and the presentation of the project works, Prof. Sandra Vitolo, Prof. Leonardo Tognotti and Prof. Gabriele Landucci greet and congratulate the students delivering them the official diploma.

A special thanks to everyone who has been part of this Summer School 2015 here in Pisa!


Study day!

We spent the day with Prof. Gabriele Landucci making exercises, clarifying our doubts and preparing the project works for the examination.


Occupational & Operational Safety – day 2

Technician Valentino Conti speaks about occupational and operational safety in the oil and gas field. He shared with us his huge experience acquired all around the world in many different environment, from platforms in the Northen See to plants in the deserts.


Occupational & Operational Safety

Today Prof. Sandra Vitolo, coordinator of the Summer School, talks about the Occupational and Operational Safety and the great importance of this matter which is  strictly related to workplaces but not only limited to these ones.


A drink together!

This Thursday we had some drinks together after the lessons.

So we spent some time enjoying an aperitif in the city centre of Pisa with Prof. Sandra Vitolo, coordinator of the Summer School, and Prof. Gabriele Landucci.